Triumph Cargo,
connects any location
in the world with Cuba

About us

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“Our sea freight experts will assist
you during the whole shipping process
from the beginning until the end…”

“One of the safest and most
effective means of transports.”

For Cuba, a country economically depending 80% of international trade, Triumph Cargo can offer shipments in FCL containers as well as LCL services.

Cuba imports a large variety of products, from machinery, pharmaceutical and healthcare products,
as well as human consumption products. There is an increasing interest in exporting different kinds of products from Cuba. Triumph Cargo will be able to guide you as well in this proces.

For all these services, Triumph Cargo will offer you:

  • The best transport solution, taylor made and according to the nature of the merchandise.
  • Triumph Cargo keeps a close relation with maritime carriers, customs offices and warehouses, monitoring each step carefully to achieve the best logistics solution.
  • Competitive rates for a complete logistic solution.
  • We follow up your shipments constantly and inform you about the whole process.

“On a weekly basis we consolidate all
the cargoes at different warehouses in
Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.”

LCL Groupage containers to Cuba,
Triumph Cargo can offer you:

  • For many years Triumph Cargo organises a weekly groupage service that’s recognised being one of the best consolidators in North Europe.
  • Packing, labelling, monitoring, visual reports and photo’s are part of our services.
  • Upon booking of your cargo you may specify exactly your needs, and we will provide you with the information requested.
  • Triumph Cargo provides the original documentation according to Letter of Credit terms and additionally any special document(s) required by Cuban authorities.
  • Triumph Cargo chooses the shortest transit time and most reliable Maritime Carrier.

When contacting us to book your cargo,
do not forget to inform us:

  • Contract number or name of Cuban receiver.
  • Complete name of the merchandise, eventually HS
    code will be requested.
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration, together with MSD in case of hazardous products.

“Triumph Cargo guarantees
high quality services.”

“To have control of your cargoes from
the factory, with customised and innovative
logistics solution is the key of success.”

Triumph Cargo will keep control of your cargo by selecting the most professional transporters from any location you may need. Reporting every step and keeping you well informed about your deliveries.

Our truckers have the necessary licenses and certifications in order to fulfil the highest level of performance you need.

“Rail, Barge and Intermodal Solutions.
Triumph Cargo will listen to your demands
and will look for the best Intermodal solution.”

Triumph Cargo will offer you:

  • Multiple modes of transports:
    Combined road, barge and rail options.
  • Reducing your costs by seeking dedicated rail, barge operators and road transport partners to secure a high quality service and definite transit time.
  • Using Intermodal connections with the largest ports Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg will give your cargo the priority you need.
  • Optimisation and control with flexible approach.

“When it comes to airfreight
services to Cuba, you can rely
on our experiences.”

“From 1 kg to 1000 kgs or more.”

Triumph Cargo will offer you flights from any European Airport to Jose Marti Airport in La Habana regardless the size of your cargoes.

“The fastest solution for those cargoes
which must be shipped urgently.”

Triumph Cargo can offer you:

  • Through our European agents the best Airlines services.
  • Reliable and effective.
  • Charters flights depending of volume of your cargo.
  • Flexible delivery times.
  • Urgent airfreight with ground combination regardless of your location.
  • Monitoring and Warehouse control.

“Special cargoes are top priority
for our team of professionals.”

Innovative solutions, not only breakbulk cargo but oversized, out of gauge and heavy lifts. With professional care and real possibilities at Cuban Ports, we will give you the right tools to a succes. Let us know your cargo details and we will find the right solution.

“Special Projects, Ro-Ro equipments,
Heavy lifts and Break Bulk.”

  • Handling of oversized equipments and parts.
  • Knowledge of their requirements.
  • Finding the perfect routing from any location.
  • Management of authorisations and licenses.
  • Chartering vessels and planning.
  • Innovative solutions:
    Finding the right vessel at the right place.

“Arranging storage for your cargoes
at highly qualified warehouses.”

“We have the confidence in the
accuracy of our services.”

Bonded warehouses will be at your disposal, as well as special hazardous areas for those IMO classified products. A great variety of services can be performed during warehousing like labelling, inspections, packing, palletising, customs formalities and in order to execute further deliveries to final receivers.

“Professionalism, Flexibility
and Accuracy.”

“We are the right logistics partner for you.”

  • Customised reports of your cargoes, e.t.a, and transhipments information on a weekly basis reports.
  • You can send us your e-mail address to incorporate you in our mail and we will inform you free of charge.
  • Customs formalities, fiscal Representations, customs advisory issues for your imports & exports future businesses as well as copies of  customs exit confirmations.
  • Transport insurance, we can offer you a policy that will cover your cargo while in transit or any mode of transport required.

About us

“Triumph Cargo connects any
location in the world with Cuba.”

Triumph Cargo operates as a NVOCC company and as a freight forwarding company that was founded in 2010. We are truly passionate about Cuba and this has been our inspiration throughout our 20 years of experiences with Cuban cargoes.
Our headquarter is in The Netherlands and our local partner Expedimar S.A. in Cuba.

Our extensive experiences and multilingual staff is always ready to handle any kind of shipment. To achieve great succes, we, as well as our solution partners, share knowledge in close collaboration. Triumph Cargo is internationally represented by dedicated and very professional cargo agents who will serve you in their local markets.

Our strategic goal is to give our customers impartial advice at a reasonable cost with an optimal result. We are the right choice for your Cuban exports and imports.


Beneden Molendijk 29
3262 AA Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands

+31 (0)186 612 604
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